Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Hocus Potus

A drabble, never before published. Be sure and read the Kafka story, too. It's one you've probably never read before.

…they have dug their teeth in deep and must first let their jaws open gradually.
- “Jackals and Arabs” by Franz Kafka

The President of the United States was not a well-traveled man before his ascension to throne of the White House. But as a young man still in his cups, he undertook a journey as a guest of the Bin Laden family; this was many years before their infamous falling out. While pirating around the Arabian desert with his friends, the future president paused to relieve himself at a well. And there he chanced to meet a curious old jackal, who told him a curious old tale, and from whom he accepted as a gift a rusty pair of sewing scissors.

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