Friday, October 23, 2009

Across World Bubbles - Dragonlance/Nehwon Crossover Fan Fiction

Note to the lawyers . These characters are some of my very favoritist characters is all of fictiondom, and fifteen years ago I wrote a fun little story about them. This is FAN FICTION, so LEAVE ME AND BRITNEY SPEARS ALOOOOONNNEEE!

There was a storm brewing over the Kharolis Mountains, a storm such as no one in Solace had ever seen. Thundred rolled down the valleys like an army of rampaging giants and children cowered with their parents beneath their blankets. The wind roared and howled in the treetops like a dying dragon and huge waves surged across Crystalmir Lake to smash against the shore. Everyone in Solace was safely huddled in their homes -- everyone, that is, except Tasslehoff Burrfoot.

The storm crashed and banged against the sky, but Tasslehoff stood in the very teeth of it, high up the slope of a mountain overlooking the lake. His pouches flapped in the lashing wind. His ridiculous topknot snapped like a whip in the gale as he squinted his mischievous eyes against the rain and gazed at the raging heavens. On his small feet he wore a fantastic pair of boots - the seemed made of a thin, flexible metal and glowed with their own light. In his hand he held a rod of shining copper, at least twelve feet long and topped by a streaming copper wire.

Judging that the moment for his experiment had finally arrived, Tas checked the lacings of his peculiar boots, adjusted his pouches and settled them into their proper places, and smoothed his topnot against his neck. Lifting the copper rod before him as though bearing a flag in a parade, he began to run. Down the side of the mountain he flew, faster and faster, until his feet became a blur of light and fire began to leap from his footprints, leaving a trail of burning puddles behind him. No horse could have matched him, no coursing leopard, not even the fastest unicorn flying on magic hooves. He outpaced them all until, with a tremendous flash and a defeaning crash, a blazing bolt of lightning struck the copper rod and Tasslehoff Burrfoot vanished from this world of Krynn.

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